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Subzi Shami Kabab Recipe | Tarka | Rida Aftab | Desi Food

Subzi Shami Kabab:


Boiled beef meat  ½ kg

Boiled gram lentils  1 cup

Boiled potatoes  1

Green chilies   6

Green coriander  ½ bunch

Mint    ½ bunch

Garlic    10 cloves

Finely cut ginger  1 pieces

All spices powder  1 tsp

Crushed fennel   1 tsp

Nutmeg   ½ tsp

Mace    ½ tsp

Green onion   1 cup

Salt    1 tsp

Egg    2

Oil    as required


Green coriander, green chilies, mint and green onion chopped .now boil gram lentils add in meat and grind it. After this all ingredients add and mix .then make kabab and dip in egg then fry in heated oil and serve.

Khara  Masala Murgh :


Chicken   ½ kg

Finely cut ginger  1 tbsp

Garlic    10 cloves

Button red chilies  10

Green cardamom  4

Black pepper   1 tsp

Black cumin   1 tsp

Turmeric   1 tsp

Salt    ½ tsp

Crushed red chili  1 tsp

Tomatoes   250 grams

Oil    ½ cup

Onion chopped   2


Heat oil and add all whole spices and fry .now add onion and all spices powder and chicken then cook till then water dry .then add tomatoes add and roast well when oil come on surface then stove off and serve.

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